Weather Forecast Sao Paulo Brazil

Monday, 16

Max: 23°C

Min: 21°C

Tuesday, 17


Max: 24°C

Min: 21°C

Wednesday, 18


Max: 26°C

Min: 20°C

Climate for Sao Paulo

Average Weather in Sao Paulo for October

27 Days
Sct T-Storms 1 Days
T-Storms 1 Days
P Cloudy 1 Days
Avg High temperature 33 °C / 91.4 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 12 °C / 53.6 °F
Cloud Cover 48%
Avg Humidity 67%
Avg Wind speed 15 km/h

Looming large over South America, Sao Paulo is one of the most prime metropolitan places around the globe. Affectionately referred as “Sampa” by regional people, Sao Paulo is the cultural capital of Brazil with valid reason. This captivating city allures millions of travelers from every corner of the globe with a dizzying array of attractions involving superlative landmarks, exotic beaches, breathtaking landscape, the finest museums, pulsating nightlife, mouth-watering dishes and so on.

The spring season in this region is not much different from the winter season as the basic climate of Sao Paulo is sub-tropical. As the standard temperature rises gradually, the weather begins to warm-up slowly. The average temperature of this month is around 24 degree Celsius. Over the duration of October, the span of daytime steady increases. The supreme art exhibition in Latin America, Bienal, takes place in Sao Paulo during the course of October with some of the finest artists illustrating their work.

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