Rio De Janeiro weather Overview

As the second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is located on the South Atlantic coast and is applauded for its panoramic landscape, laid back scenic beaches and its seasonal carnivals. Even though the province’s climate is usually tropical, hot and humid, the climate of Rio de Janeiro is heavily affected by its sphere, proximity to the ocean and the structure of the Southern Cone of South America. Along the coast, the airflow, breathing alternately onshore and offshore, reforms the temperature. Undoubtedly the most sought-after city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro enjoys warm temperature, bright sunny weather and sufficient rainfall throughout the year.

The average temperature of the city alters between 25 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius. Summer commences in this city in the late November and exists till March. The highest temperature during this season halts at 29 degree Celsius. On the other hand, in some provinces it rises dramatically and stretches to 40 degrees Celsius. The city welcomes extensive rainfalls all over the summer month. Winter comes in June and remains till August. It is a very pleasant time of the year. Spring and autumn appear in Rio de Janeiro for a brief period of time as the equatorial climate offers a little seasonal departure in this place.

Rio De Janeiro Weather inormation