Current Conditions       9/03/15 7:00 AM BRT
12°C Hi 12°C | Lo 7°C Fair
  • Feels Like: 12°C
  • Sunrise: 6:16 AM
  • Wind: CALM at calmkmph
  • Sunset: 6:06 PM
  • Humidity: 72%
  • UV Index: 0 - Low
Humidity 44%
Wind NNW 8 kmph
Lo 16°C | Hi 33°C
Friday, 04 Sep
Lo 16°C | Hi 33°C
Friday, 04 Sep Night      
Mostly Clear
Humidity 36%
Wind W 6 kmph
Saturday, 05 Sep
Lo 16°C | Hi 33°C
M Sunny
Saturday, 05 Sep Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 42%
Wind S 6 kmph
Sunday, 06 Sep
Lo 17°C | Hi 33°C
P Cloudy
Sunday, 06 Sep Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 41%
Wind NNW 4 kmph
Monday, 07 Sep
Lo 17°C | Hi 32°C
P Cloudy
Monday, 07 Sep Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 66%
Wind NW 9 kmph
Tuesday, 08 Sep
Lo 16°C | Hi 31°C
P Cloudy
Tuesday, 08 Sep Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 78%
Wind WNW 11 kmph
Wednesday, 09 Sep
Lo 16°C | Hi 30°C
P Cloudy
Wednesday, 09 Sep Night      
Partly Cloudy
Humidity 80%
Wind WNW 8 kmph
Thursday, 10 Sep
Lo 16°C | Hi 30°C
Thursday, 10 Sep Night      
Scattered T-Storms
Humidity 77%
Wind SSE 4 kmph
Friday, 11 Sep
Lo 15°C | Hi 29°C
PM Showers
Friday, 11 Sep Night      
Light Rain
Humidity 83%
Wind SSE 4 kmph

Brazil weather Overview

When we hear the name Brazil, many interesting things come into mind like carnivals, festivals, magnificent beaches, vibrant nightlife and much more. Nature is shining at its best in Brazil and a great traffic of tourists direct towards this vibrant and glamorous country every year. This country has to offer something for all types of tourists. From overpopulated cities to serene small islands, Brazil has many jewels in its crown. To visit this country, it is in your best interest to check the weather conditions and best time to visit.

Weather in Brazil

Brazil is located in the Southern Hemisphere. All the seasons that are common in this country are known to be the exact opposite of the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere. Summer season begins in December and ends in March. Winter season begins in June and ends in September. Within Brazil, climatic conditions vary from region to region. In most parts of Brazil, summer season is known for scorching heat. The Northeastern part of Brazil remains warm throughout the year. It features pleasant breezes that direct towards this region from the ocean. The winter season is slightly wetter and the amount of rain is limited.

The climatic conditions in the Amazon region are hot and humid throughout the year. The summer season begins in June and ends in December. The wet season falls in December and runs through May. This wet season is locally known as winter season.

The Pantanal region is hotter than other regions. Heavy rainfall occurs from December to March. May through October is the driest time in the Pantanal. The weather conditions in this region are considerably variable.

In Sao Paulo region, weather conditions are similar to Pantanal region. The weather is hot in summer and winter is mild. The nights are chilly due to the location of Sao Paulo. The Southern part of Sao Paulo gets even colder during winter season. Most hotels and restaurants do not operate during the winter season.

Brazil Weather by Month